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Inside the Fifth Ring Road, you hesitate to "escape from Beishangguang" and return to the small city called "Sinking Market".


But is the hometown really a "sinking market"?


In fact, in several third- and fourth-tier cities defined as "sinking markets" visited by the microscopic story, the status quo of the small cities outside the fifth ring road is completely different from what the young people inside the ring imagined, and may even subvert cognition and Lifelike.


The monthly income of most residents in third-tier cities


Price is often not their first consideration. On the contrary, people in first-tier cities care more about the improvement of quality and living comfort.




This microscopic story tells a group of people living in third-tier cities, among them:


Some people will buy hairy crabs for a few hundred yuan, call friends and friends to come to the house for dinner, self-driving out on weekends to relax, and even spend more than 100,000 yuan to decorate the fish tank;


Some people bought smart toilets worth tens of thousands of yuan, and even built independent gyms in the basements of their homes;


Some people cannot tolerate the pace of life in big cities, but after returning to their hometown, they realize their ideals of starting a business and buying a house;


Some people have spent more than 5,000 yuan to buy game skins after satisfying a high-quality living standard in their hometowns, and they also saved a "small vault";


The following is the true story about them:


My life has changed significantly before and after my child goes to college.


Both my wife and I teach at the university and have seen the impact of different family conditions and education levels on children, so before the child’s college entrance examination,


At that time, in addition to teaching students every day, I communicated with other colleagues to educate the children: which make-up teacher is good, raises points quickly, what majors will be popular in the future, and when the child is on vacation, I will take him to travel.


I was too busy at the time, but I always comforted myself, and it would be easy when my child went to college.


As a result, after my child was admitted to university and went to study in first-tier cities, I suddenly felt empty.


In the first month he went, I asked her every day when he would go home. When I asked her, I was annoyed, so I told me directly,


Colleagues around me also told me that my children will not endure hardships now that they go to big cities, but those of us who stay in small cities have to find something to do, otherwise they will be out of touch with life.


My brother-in-law first had an impact on me.


In a family dinner, we played cards, and after the card game ended, we counted as winning or losing. At this time, brother-in-law took out WeChat and told me,


At that time, I didn’t understand what he meant, but he took the phone and operated it a few times and said,


My brother-in-law is a few years older than me, a person who is more rigid than me, but now he has taught me. He also showed me using mobile phones to shop online, compare prices, order takeaways, and finally said,


Stimulated by him, I first learned online shopping.


I found out on the Internet that the local seafood I love to eat is expensive and not fresh. On the contrary, it is convenient and cheap to buy it through the fresh food platform.


I was surprised by the convenience brought by mobile shopping. Under my influence, I also took my sister to shop online and find nearby Internet celebrity restaurants.


My niece who had been in Shenzhen came home from vacation and saw her mother


Now my son has started to work, and his income can support him. He always "educates" me:


There are many friends around me


Even when my students are doing social practice, they often ask me to borrow equipment.


To be honest, there is no pressure of house prices, no pressure of bringing grandchildren, and such days are quite comfortable.


Many people around me think that small cities care more about prices, but that is not the case.


After graduating from university more than 20 years ago, I worked in Beijing for two years before returning to my hometown. At first, many people felt that talent was buried, but when middle-aged people compare their lives, many people think I have foresight.


The biggest difference between small cities and large cities is the housing prices:


Now there are many brands that open counters in my city. Volkswagen brands can buy them. I can also find brands like Burberry to help me buy them.


However, labor costs in small cities are cheap, and the price of a beauty salon will be much lower than in first-tier cities.


I will reward myself with 2 big-name bags every year. I have also bought a lot of these bags.


Someone said that people in small cities are


In addition, because of the renovation of shanty towns in the past few years, I received a lot of renovation orders, and my income was tens of thousands of yuan per month. Compared with many students in the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou front lines, I was much happier.


In terms of food, although there are not as many choices in small cities as in big cities, everyone is more willing to spend money on high-quality ingredients and health.


We buy imported fruits here very popular,


As for living above, the difference is even more obvious. From the perspective of the customers I have contacted,


After all, the prices in small places are not transparent, and the mortgages are not so high, so they are willing to spend money on decoration.


For example, some simple European and new Chinese decoration styles that were popular in the past few years are more ordered in small cities.


Even my nephew who works in a first-tier city would ask me if he was renovating a new house, "Is there any way to buy a bargain", and would calculate the cost with me, trying to keep it within the total budget.


People are more willing to take their children on outings in their spare time.


On the contrary, in first-tier cities, I often hear complaints from old friends that I have to be the mother of my family and clean up the room on weekends, which is very tiring.


Contrary to what most people think, the stereotype of "less outbound travel in small cities" is also different. In fact, traveling abroad every year is also standard.


So whenever i see


I started working at the age of 22 and my first job was as an editor in a magazine in Changsha.


Stayed for more than a year,


Although Bijie is a small city, the transportation and economy are not as good as first-tier cities, but this is my hometown, my friends and family are all here, I always think I still have to go back.


Maybe I didn't have such a strong drive to break through at the beginning, so I really returned to Bijie within a few years.


In the beginning, I did not find a counterpart job in Bijie, so I became a freelance writer.


At that time, I wrote fantasy novels for a website, about 30 yuan per thousand words, 5,000 words a day, deducting taxes, and earning 4,000 yuan a month.


This income standard is not low in most cities.


I shared a two-bedroom apartment with my friend, and the rent was evenly distributed, and the rent was less than 6,000 yuan a year. I could almost earn back the manuscript fee in one month, and I had a good time.


I rarely order takeaways and I cook most of the time. Sometimes I go to the vegetable market to buy some fresh vegetables. If I want to eat something good, I place an order on the fresh food platform for air transportation.


I mostly buy clothes and shoes online. They have a complete range and are much cheaper than physical stores.


Although Bijie's income is not high, the consumption level is strangely high.


After writing novels for three years, I switched my career to a training institution in Bijie as a child's composition training.


With the improvement of work ability and experience, I have also been promoted to a management position. Now I still need to consider where to open a branch school, what courses to arrange, how many teachers to arrange, and how many students to recruit this year.


Currently, I


I paid the down payment with the money I saved for writing novels. Now I only need to provide a mortgage of about 1,700 yuan per month, which is very easy.


The next step is to wait until the opportunity is right, and I want to start a composition training organization.


I have many friends who work in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou,


Many of them have higher monthly incomes than mine, but their expenses are also very high, especially after deducting the rent, transportation and living expenses, there is not much left.


The most frustrating thing for them is that they are away alone, they always share the rent with people they don't like, and the trivial things such as moving each year are also annoying.


Most of them want to buy a house and settle in a city where they have stayed for many years, but they can't afford such a high down payment. If they want to go back to their hometown to develop, they have to face the problem of starting again.


in my opinion,


As long as you find your career, whether it is a first-tier city or an eighteenth-tier city, you will have a good life.


I am a medical student doing casualty appraisal in Mianyang.


The monthly salary is about 8,000 yuan, which is pretty good in a third-tier city like Mianyang.


Therefore, my food, clothing, housing and transportation are relatively superior, and I can save some money on hand.


Moreover, the cost of living in Mianyang is very low. My roommate and I rent a two-bedroom apartment. After the rent is evenly distributed for one year, each person only pays 4000 yuan.


We are busy at work, so we have almost never cooked at home. But the monthly food expenditure does not exceed 2,000 yuan.


Food in Sichuan is good and cheap, and rice noodles for breakfast cost only 7 yuan for every two taels.


When we are in a good mood, we will buy 10 yuan of vegetables and meat. We eat a small amount of food, and these are enough to eat for a week.


I live in the former city center of Mianyang, which is quite prosperous. You can also buy clothing brands if you want.


However, I always wear work clothes when doing appraisal, so the requirements for clothes are not high.


Generally, the purchase is concentrated twice a year. The purchase of spring and summer clothes is basically about 3,000 yuan, and the purchase of winter clothes is about 1,000 yuan. The clothes you want to buy will be bought.


Girls still have certain requirements for skin care products and cosmetics.


The other most expensive place may be games.


I am obsessed with the glory of the king this year. After eating, I called my friends and friends to play together, and also brushed a lot of skin.


I have a girlfriend who works in a first-tier city,


In addition, even at the current level of spending, I still saved a lot of money.


With the money I saved, I don’t plan to buy a house. After all, I have a set in my hometown. I hope to reach a certain level to satisfy my idea of ​​traveling around the world.


After all, the world is big and my hometown is very small. It's always good to walk around.


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