Good smart phone manners

It is now almost impossible to imagine what the life would be without a cell phone. It is an essential piece that, as it seems holds your life together. It really has it all in one convenient gadget- your contacts, your daytimer, your communication, instant access to mail and social media, not to forget about the camera! It pretty much controls the chaos that our lives have become, and adds more. It has quietly evolved from cell to smart and now claiming intelligence over function.

The way you use it and interact with it now is a staple of your lifestyle. With so much going on and endless, and, yes urgent, information streaming in real time - it is easy to earn the reputation of self obsessed or simply rude. The good news is there is nothing that you can’t fix with a good instagram feed - your devoted 10,000 following will love you just the way your life looks in pictures.

5 essentials of good smart phone manners & surviving information clutter:

  1. Keep your phone in the purse while walking - first of all it is sure to save your life at least a few times when crossing the street, nor help avoid to become a prey of a pickpocket. But most importantly, make a sanity break out of it, declutter your senses and arrive wherever you are going with clear mind.

  2. Keep the phone away during meetings and mute the ringtone. I bet you don’t like it yourself when you can’t finish the simple sentence because of all kinds of sounds and the person you are trying to have a real conversation trades you in for real time virtual interaction with the phone. In our day and age an undivided attention is valued high. Ge generous - your friends and colleagues will appreciate it.

  3. “Do you want me to tag you in the post?” Do ask this question before posting a selfie with your friend - and the list of possible reasons is endless. Bad hair day? She took a fake sick day? Her other friend might not exactly be happy when she learns that she took shopping you, not her. In public life there are some things that better kept hidden.

  4. Group chats. As much as they can be a lifesaver when you are planning a trip, they become an annoying liability when there is more than 5 people included and each one of them types ok to any sentence. Before setting up the group chat think of the purpose and the number of people to include.

  5. Message? E-mail? Messenger? Instagram messenger? Snapchat? Each one has its form and function and format, and also don’t forget about your phone plan - stick to conversations where they are free, to use the data visely.

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